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Half Check Chain, Martingale Chain 1 inch Iron with Stainless Steel

Krafthaus Supply Co.

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MG-kh-SI martingale
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1" (25mm) Martingale chain with O rings.  Welded chain with welded O-rings. More finishes coming soon!

Matte Black and Matte Pearl Silver Finish are plated in small batches with a matte finish,yellow gold shiny finsh. Finishes  includes two layers of eco-friendly glaze resulting in superior finish with excellent durability.  This is a Krafthaus Supply Co. exclusive. Welded at stress points for strenth.

We are currently adding more finishes to our selections. Lead free, made in China by our custom Luxury hardware manufacture. Made of Iron and Stainless Steel.

Please note it is your responsibility to use martingales with appropriate straps and weight. The Lucky Hound is not responsible for misuse of products causing damage or injury. Please inspect products for any signs of wear & tear and discontinue using the product if torn or damaged.