Beta Biothane Olive Drab 100 foot roll Standard Biothane

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OD521 Oilve Drab roll
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100 foot roll of Beta Biothane OD521 Olive Drab

Price is per 100 foot roll of Standard Beta Biothane. Beta Biothane 520 is a matte leather like embossed coated webbing. A great leather alternative for a vegan leather strap. This is the closest thing to leather in the equine market.

Worry-free, easy to clean, water repelling, mold and bacteria resistant. No maintenance, simply clean with warm soapy water,

*More Beta Biothane® details below:
Beta Biothane® Standard has a thickness of .095"-.105" (2.41 mm-2.67 mm) strength break per inch of width. 1"=1000 lbs., 5/8"=675 lbs., 3/4"=750 lbs. of break strength.

* Made in the USA.

*Biothane is coated webbing that is latex-free

*Beta is a soft coating that has a leather look and feel. It is soft and very flexible. It features a leather matte embossing look and it holds its flexibility in ice cold weather.

*Antimicrobial and will not absorb odors, resulting in a stink free material.